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ID card Information on the ID card with online ID function

ID card obligation Request exemption

ID card requirement Apply for exemption for assisted persons

Identity card Obtain information on the processing status

Identity card report due to recovery

IHK Cooperation Exchange

IHK Recycling Exchange

Immission control - plant inspection

Immission control (immissions/emissions)

Immission control: Announcement as expert in the sense of § 29a BImSchG

Immission control: Notification of bodies within the meaning of § 26 BImSchG

Imprint - disorderly

Increase minimum wage

Independent institutions - adult education

Independent schools

Individual operating permit - apply for operating permit of vehicles without registration

Individual type approval - application for approval of the type of construction of vehicle parts

Individual type approval - apply for type approval for vehicle parts

Infection protection message

Information about applying to study at a university

Information from the debtors' register as of 01.01.2013

Information from the debtors' register until 31.12.2012

Information from the population register: requesting a self-disclosure from the population register

Information from the register of associations

Information on the further course of the UK's exit from the EU and the direct effects for German citizens

Information on the novel coronavirus

Information on the preparation of external alarm and hazard prevention plans Communication

Information pursuant to the Remuneration Transparency Act Issuance

Infrastructure funding

Infrastructure measures adapted to the rural character - apply for funding

Inheritance contract

Inheritance tax notice received

Inland navigation - Commercial navigation in Thuringia Apply for a permit

Inland navigation - Thuringia inland navigation license application

Inland waterway transport - application for promotion of demand-oriented transport services in local road passenger transport and scheduled waterway transport services in Thuringia

Insemination stations and embryo collection units Permission

Insolvency allowance approval

Insolvency money

Insolvency notices: Information on insolvency proceedings

Insurance broker - permission and register

Insurance consultant - permission

International youth work/ international youth exchange: funding

Interpreters and translators - General swearing-in as an interpreter and authorization as a translator residing in Thuringia

Interpreters and translators - General swearing-in as an interpreter and authorization as a translator residing outside Thuringia (EC Services Directive)

Intervention Agency

Inventor Consulting

Issuance of a certificate of marriageability for German citizens with residence, or habitual abode abroad.

Issuance of a certificate of the required expertise in radiation protection in the technical field and for medical physics - experts.

Issuance of a license as a commercial real estate loan broker

Issuance of a totalizator permit under the Racing and Lotteries Act

Issuance of membership certificate Chamber of Crafts

Issuance of permits for bookmakers and betting offices under the Racing Betting and Lotteries Act

Issue accompanying documents for wine shipments

Issue certificate of inheritance

Issue certificate of marriageability

Issue fishing permits - information

Issue registration confirmation

Issuing a marriage certificate